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This Years Topic: 

Energy Medicine in 2020 - 

Resilience & Transformation!

Striving to Create the Most Prepared Microcurrent Community!

The Annual Microcurrent Conference began in 2007  when Dr Ed Kondrot created a conference to highlight the wonderful, early Cases that practitioners were producing with Frequency Specific Microcurrent.  He also established an open mindedness to 'all things
bio-energetic'.  Dr Kondrot passed the torch to national instructor and leader in the field, Vanessa LK Howe, MSPT in 2017.  Today, Vanessa has evolved the conference to include more National Level Expert Lecturers, while still maintaining the Case Presentations and the commitment to including additional awareness of other Resonance based Bio-Energetic Medicine modalities.  Additionally, the early days allowed for non-practitioners to also have access to our conference with the hope that we could reach and educate an interested public with the amazing results and advancements in the Microcurrent world!  Today, we still maintain this policy and embrace the passionate non-practitioners that join us each year!

Join us this year for our Virtual Conference where we learn from industry leaders on how microcurrent can (and IS) helping in the fight against Coronavirus and Covid-19 symptoms.  We have a great panel of experts who will share their experiences and insights with supporting both the physical and emotional health of our communities!  This year has truly been about being Resilient & Transforming how we treat our patients!  See how some have made huge impacts in truly helping themselves and others!

Our Chairperson for 2020:

Vanessa Howe is a Physical Therapist by trade who has been teaching, mentoring and developing innovative equipment since the early 2000s.  She joins us again this year as the Chair of the Conference and will end the conference with her typical 'wrap up and bring home'.  She will be moderating the presentations, but will be joined by the amazing Dr. John Shieh.

Moderators for our Virtual Conference

John Shieh, MD has previously amazed us with his innovative and brilliant approaches to Regenerative Medicine as well as
Bio-Energetic Medicine.  For 2021 he will join us as a Co-Chair for our Oct 2021 In Person Conference in sunny Arizona!  For 2020 he will join Vanessa Howe in moderating our event!  Thank you Dr Shieh for all you do to support and encourage the microcurrent community!

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Call for Case Presentations

We appreciate if you have an interesting case to present- be it big or small-- to share with the community. Please send the case name and brief description to co-chair Vanessa Howe vanessa@howert.com . Because only 3 cases will be presented, please submit your case ASAP.  Order of cases will be determined by date of commitment and submission. 


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Attend the Conference

On the event day, please go to this HeySummit website and login your account 10~15 minutes before the talk and go to My Schedule. Click the "View" of the talk and Zoom should open on your Internet Browser. You may need to download Zoom app on your computer in advance to save time. Here is the link to download zoom app to our PC. https://zoom.us/support/download.  If you will use ipad or iphone to access the conference, you need to download zoom app in advance. 

Replay the Conference

If you purchase ticket but miss the event, you can login in your account and click "Replays" to replay the talks you purchase.  Replays should be available within 24 hours and we are hoping to be able to have Thursdays' talks available for early Friday viewing.  With it being a new platform; we cannot guarantee that it will be available that quickly.

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We have a great line-up of sponsors this year! Please click the banners in "Proudly Supported By" above to check our sponsors' websites. Also please click below to check out our sponsor's videos and/or latest products!

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Waygood Wellness offers packages of discs for $39.95.  Please contact carolyn@betterbreastcheck.com for her other special offer. 

Wellness PEMF  offers conference attendees the following: Magnetic converters - $1695, 272 A PEMF device - $1695, 272 B PEMF with microcurrent- $1895, MagrezB portable PEMF- $780, Free software with all devices. Call Marcus- 850.496.1999 or marcuscutrone@gmail.com

About the AMC

The Annual Microcurrent Conference (formerly Mircocurrent Case Conference) started in 2007 and strives to bring together the diverse groups of microcurrent practitioners. The purpose of this conference, and its' trainings is to unite the community, bring together leaders in the field of microcurrent applications and technologies, help to expand each other’s knowledge and benefit all practitioners, patients and the whole community.  While not a large and expansive group; we are a group of great minds and innovators with a heart for helping the people of the world!

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